Kindletrends is $0 for authors making less than USD100/month

If you’re starting out in self-publishing, there’s a lot to do, and a lot to learn. Sometimes it’s overwhelming – are you spending money on the right things? Or are you just throwing it down the drain? Shouldn’t you focus on making money, and only spend what you can afford?

But if you do that, how will you know if you’re going in the right direction?

There’s no single ‘right’ answer to all those questions, because everyone’s publishing goals and situation are different, and that’s okay. But one thing that’s always true is this: before you make any money, it’s hard to invest in tools to help you make money.

So, if you’re currently making less than USD100, you can’t really justify spending 15 of them a month on an analytics newsletter. This kind of sucks for both of us.

So, right now I’m going to invest in your future as an author: Kindletrends is 100% off for you, if you are making less than USD100/month. You’ll get access to everything, and I hope it’ll help you get to your publishing goals faster.

Are you serious?

Yes. Try it. But only if you’re making less than USD100/month. If you’re making more than that, and this is a useful product for you, then I think 15 bucks a month is a pretty good price for data you can’t get easily any other way.

If it’s not worth that much, then don’t buy it; I wouldn’t want to take your money for something that’s not obvious value for money.

So what happens when I start making more than USD100/month?

Cancel your subscription and start a new paying one. Or just email me and we’ll figure out what to do together.

But wait a minute, Nat. Aren’t people just going to rip you off?

I don’t think so. I’ve found that most people are basically pretty trustworthy if you give them a chance. I want you to use this information to achieve your publishing goals, whatever they are, and to find it obvious value for money, and to work with me to make it better.

In the past, only traditional publishers had access to this kind of advanced analytics – but I’m on your side, and I mean to level the playing field. I think that’s a pretty compelling pitch, don’t you?

Nat, you fool, why is this buried in a page full of words, instead of plastered as the lead all over the front page, yelling FREE STUFF, etc.? Do you know nothing at all about marketing?

No, I probably don’t. The answer is that this isn’t a free-signup-hook-you-in-upselling thing. Well, okay, it is a little bit, but only to the extent I describe above. I am trying to hook you in via the diabolical trick of helping you make money in the hope that it will encourage you to keep on making money, and thus paying me a small amount of it. I am genuinely serious about the ‘investing in your future’ thing I wrote above.

If you’ve read this far, you’re paying attention, and – I hope – you realise that this is a valuable product, not some giveaway designed to upsell you on something else. Like I said on the front page, your money goes to buy my groceries, and means I can spend more time working on Kindletrends, and making it better for everyone.

So how do I do it?

Just send me an email at <[email protected]>. Tell me about your publishing goals and what you want to achieve, and I’ll set you up with a special subscription.

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