Kindletrends is market research for the Kindle Store in a newsletter. Subscribe for USD15/month (the first month is free) and every week I’ll send you data-rich newsletters on major categories in the Kindle Store.

Weekly and monthly newsletters

If you want detailed information about your genre, Kindletrends speeds up your research.  I get all the information for you, summarise it in straightforward charts, and deliver it to you every week.

“I used to research for countless hours to get a fraction of the information Kindletrends provides in an easy-to-read newsletter. Am I overpriced? Underpriced? What’s popular in my genre? Is my cover on-point? How, oh how, should I write this blurb? Kindletrends offers insight at a glance. It’s amazing how much I’ve used Kindletrends–and how I ever did without it.”—Elizabeth Brady, Historical Romance Author

Cover montages

Make your covers to-market

See what’s selling in your genre right away, and compare your own titles.  Every week and month you get downloadable montages of the top covers, plus links to the store so you can access the books

“Kindletrends saves me hours of market trend research in the blurb section alone. The emails every week give great insights into covers, keywords, blurbs, titles, tropes, in all my key genres and many I don’t write but look at for stuff to read. I cannot stress how much time and effort this saves by bringing the week’s top 100 blurbs, covers, cover art, and trending topics right to my inbox”—Lynn Katzenmeyer, Paranormal Romance author of the Kootenai Pack books

Ad keywords

Make ads quickly and easily

Target books in your genre with AMS ads using the downloadable data provided for you. Every week and month, I send you a spreadsheet of titles, keywords and blurbs for the top books, ready for upload to your Amazon Marketing Dashboard.

Try it out for the first month free

After that it’s USD15/month, and you can cancel whenever you want. I want Kindletrends to be obvious value for you; that is, it should clearly and obviously pay for itself, every single month. If it doesn’t, I’ll just give you back your money.

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Who makes it?

Me, Nat Connors. I’ve been a self-published fiction author since 2016, and I’m also a research academic and data scientist. Most importantly, I work at writing every day; I use the information in Kindletrends myself to help me outline, write and launch my own books.

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I started doing this for myself back in 2016, then started sharing it with my friends to help them out – and now I want to share it with the self-publishing community as a whole.

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My promise

I’ll always give you clear explanations for how the data in Kindletrends is collated, and I’ll never take advertising or any kind of sponsorship. I’m not a company, I’m a person; your money goes to help pay for my groceries.

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