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List of All Categories in the Kindle Store

The Kindle Store has thousands of categories, and it’s hard to make sense of them all if you’re a self-published author. Each month, I’ll compare this with last month’s categories and show which ones have become more or less popular (Best Seller Rank) or more or less active (books published by month). Learn more…

Download Also Boughts Chrome Extension

On the Kindle Store, understanding reader behaviour can be really difficult. We don’t get a lot of information about what readers are seeing when they decide to buy our books (or not!), and so it’s hard to know when we’re making good decisions about our blurbs, covers and branding.

One of the most valuable sources of information for a book can be what else Amazon is recommending alongside it. To help us understand this, I’ve made a Chrome extension which downloads the ‘Also Bought’, ‘Also Viewed’ and ‘Also Read’ lists on a book’s details page. Learn more…

Kindle Power Search is the search front-end for the Kindle Store. It does all the things the Amazon Advanced Search does, but it’s optimised for author research.

Search Kindle eBooks Categories

This is a search engine for all the categories under Kindle eBooks in the store. You can use it to find categories that suit your books, browse the ranks and activity of categories, and go straight to the Top 100, Last 30 Days and Preorders for each category.

Interactive Category Viewer for Fiction

Here’s a clickable interactive map of the fiction categories on the Kindle Store. Click the categories to zoom in and see the subcategories underneath it. If you hover over a subcategory, you’ll get a pop-up link to the Top 100 in the store.

The segments are colour-coded by the top-level category (e.g. Romance, or Science Fiction & Fantasy or whatever), but you’ll see some different colours occasionally when you drill down into a genre. That’s because some categories on the store have more than one path – they can be part of Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, say, but also part of Science Fiction at the same time. Learn more…