Teen & Young Adult Trends (March 13, 2022)



Week in Summary

This week there were 23 new books in the Top 100.View them on Amazon.

The median (50th-ranked) book was at Best Sellers Rank 671, increased between 20 and 25% from last week. Half the books in the Top 100 were between ranks 402 and 1219.

  • There were 49 standalone books, and 51 books which were in 32 unique series.
  • There were 74 books in KU, and 26 wide.
  • There were 27 books published by an imprint of a major traditional publisher, and 73 books estimated to be independent or self-published.

Trending topic tags this week were Bully(4), Supernatural(-4), Mystery(-4) and School/Academy(3).See the whole list of topics.

Frequent words in titles this week were bully(5), high(5), shadow(5) and dark(4). See the whole list.


Sales Rank Distribution


Frequent words in blurbs this week were world(31), new(31), life(31) and more(29). See the whole list.

Blurbs had a median of 18 sentences across 6 paragraphs. Text analysis of the blurbs in the Top 100 suggests:

  • 69 were written in third-person
  • 30 were written in first-person
  • 3 of the first-person blurbs had more than one point of view

Setting vs Character in Blurbs

In this plot, each dot is a blurb. The percentages show how much of each blurb is about characters, and how much is about setting and events. Neither is better than the other, but this plot shows us whether blurbs in the Top 100 are mostly about one or the other, or a mixture.